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Moving-in, settling-in, or living the dream? When it comes to home technology, sometimes you need a helping hand especially if that helping hand already knows your home systems.

Need some help? Here's what we can do for you:

  • TV installation including wall & ceiling mounting -- before and after move-in
  • TV and internet service provider ordering and activation
  • Wi-Fi performance optimization and troubleshooting
  • Security monitoring services and system add-ons
  • Complimentary system assessment
  • No-obligation upgrade estimates
  • Home technology design services

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Home Technology Solution Additions and Upgrades

Ready to update your technology or add new capabilities like a home theater or smart home automation?

HomeRun Electronics provides expertly design and installed home technology solutions — along with professional-grade products —that take advantage of your home's built-in systems and capabilities. 

Security System
Activation & Upgrades

Window Treatments

Wi-Fi and Network Expansion

Smart Home Automation

Home Theater

Audio & Video Upgrades

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