Helping Homebuyers Envision Their Future Life in Your Homes.

Our beautiful, state-of-the-industry design centers are staffed with expert home technology designers who help homebuyers choose technology smartly by using, seeing, and evaluating the options ideally suited for your homes and their lives in them.

Expert Design Consultants

Our design consultants are experts in helping new home buyers envision the potential of a technology-enabled life in their future home.

They take the extra effort to truly understand the homebuyer’s needs, wants, and wishes and then bring them to life at a HomeRun Technology Design Center.

HomeRun design consultants will cover every facet of your homebuyer's home to make their home technology needs and dreams come true. 

Our Design Center Commitment

  • All aspects of a homebuyer’s technical options are clearly modeled and explained, so they can choose smartly by using, seeing, and evaluating their alternatives.
  • Homebuyer’s selections are clearly and thoroughly documented so they know exactly what they chose for:
    • Distributed Audio & Video
    • Home Theater
    • Data Networking
    • Security & Access
    • Convenience Systems & Controls
    • Telecom, TV, and Internet Service Providers
  • Clear, simple language is used to help homebuyers of all levels of technical expertise to understand, operate, and take full advantage of their specific home technology and automation features.

HomeRun thoroughly documents every decision so you and your homebuyer know exactly what's been selected for their home technology.

Let's get started!


Now is the best time to help your homebuyers have the home technology-enabled life of their dreams in your homes.

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