Big windows mean big views and natural lighting. But big windows can have a downside.

From harsh glare to damaging UV rays, heating concerns to a lack of privacy. Window treatments help but motorized window treatments can do it for you!

Convenience. These are meant to be easy to use and so much more.

Whisper-quiet motors and keypads make it convenient to position a window covering at any point from fully open to fully closed. 

Your motorized shades can be scheduled to open/close based on the position of the sun. You can also connect them to your other smart home products.

Let the light in or keep it out at the press of a button.

Choices. Technology isn’t enough. It’s got to look good too.

Motorized window treatments offer a variety of colors and textures to complement the beauty of your home. 

Window coverings also come in a variety of materials: blackout, sheer, weave, and more.

HomeRun also offers manual shades to match your motorized shades because as cool as the motorized options are, they may be unnecessary in some rooms.

Convenience doesn't mean you have to compromise on beauty.

Let's get started!


Now is the best time to have the technology-enabled life of your dreams.

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