Go wired or wireless? It’s the big question
these days.

But it's actually the wrong question. What you should be asking is, "WHERE should I use wired versus wireless"
HomeRun can help you get the right answer.

Data networking. It’s not just for computers anymore.

Your TV, audio, video, phone, home automation gear, security – it’s all data now. 

To make all this work, you really need a home network with the right combination of wired and wireless connectivity — and now is the time to get it right.

HomeRun can expertly design, install, and support your network for the technology-enabled life you desire.

The typical home user needs a mix of wired and wireless connectivity.

Wired. Create a fast, stable, and secure connection to your data in the places that need it most.

We recommend putting a hard-wired Ethernet connection where you know you will have a device that can use it. Computers, smart TVs, video game systems, Blu-ray players, Roku/Apple TVs, etc. all benefit from having a hard-wired connection.

Ultra HD (4k) television streaming across the internet, computer-based video conferencing, and voice-over-IP phone service are best delivered over a wire.

Wireless has it's place, but a wire is still the most reliable, highest speed solution for data. And it will be for the foreseeable future.

There's no better time to get the network cables to the right places than when your home is being built.

Wireless. Create a powerful Wi-Fi network to conveniently connect to the Internet where a wired connection is not available.  

Walking around your home with your smartphone connected to a cable isn’t possible. Sticking a wireless router from the cable or phone company next to your TV set-top box isn’t very convenient or aesthetically pleasing.

HomeRun experts can review the layout of your home to determine the optimal placement of a Wi-Fi router or access point(s) (which must be hard-wired!) to ensure the strongest signal possible throughout your home.

What’s more, HomeRun can maintain your Wi-Fi network and equipment to ensure that it's always working at it's best.

Wi-Fi access points can be placed in strategic locations in your home to ensure high performance coverage.

Structured cabling & distribution. Your home’s central nervous system which needs to be designed for continually evolving technology.

HomeRun knows how to specify the quality and capacity of your cabling, design your wiring layout, and configure the central distribution panel for your home technology solutions.

We run all of your wires from the outlet location to a centralized panel. No daisy chaining! This structured approach allows you or a technician to easily update connections and services throughout your home as your needs change.

The central distribution panel provides flexibility to change services to different parts of your home as your needs change. 

Let's get started!


Now is the best time to have the technology-enabled life of your dreams.

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