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HomeRun Electronics would like to congratulate you on the purchase of your new home. We appreciate the opportunity to have participated in its construction and provide the telephone, data, television, security, distributed audio and video, home theater and central vacuum products within it.
We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the products we cabled or installed, at 844.547.3669 (office) or contactus@hrenow.com.
The Continuum Care team can answer any questions and create proposals for installing systems and components that were not included with your builder selections. This includes mounting televisions, installing surround sound or distributed audio amplifiers, and providing services such as 24/7 security monitoring.

You can also schedule a complimentary after-close orientation with the contacts above.


If you are experiencing any problems with the products installed by HomeRun Electronics, please call your homebuilder’s Home Warranty Department, as you will need to start a work order through your builder for the warranty process to start.

Helpful Hints regarding the products provided by HomeRun Electronics:

Telephone and data cabling

All telephone, data and television cabling originate from the structured wiring panel. This makes it easier to expand your system to accommodate things like computer networking, distributed audio and video, cable or satellite television and future additions. Additionally, the cabling platform is versatile so that it can evolve as your needs and technology evolves, as further described below.

All telephone and data ports are wired identically using Ethernet cable and RJ45 terminations. At the structured wiring panel, all cables are labeled by room for easier identification.

If you have not contracted with us for networking equipment, we recommend that your Internet service provider installs your modem/router adjacent to the panel. Doing so allows your telephone and data ports to be used interchangeably, i.e, simply plug any RJ45 terminated cable into a RJ45 telephone distribution module (contact us to purchase one if you opted not to include at time of initial meeting) for telephone service OR plug it into an open Ethernet port on the modem/router or network switch for “hardwired” networking and Internet access.

PLEASE NOTE: If your router has integrated WIFI capability, mounting it inside the panel could degrade the wireless signal. There are numerous ways to address this including adding a wireless access point that resides outside the panel (perhaps on the main level of your home) or connecting a switch to the router for mounting inside the panel. Network switches are only included if you selected one during your consultation, but these and other networking equipment can be purchased through the Continuum Care program.

All television jacks are cabled with RG6 coax. At the structured wiring panel, all cables are labeled by room for easy identification. By centralizing all television cables, your home can more readily support cable or satellite television services. A distribution module for multiple television locations should be provided by your service provider.

If you prewired for an antenna, the wires will be located in your attic near the access hatch. Since this was a prewire, the antenna was not included, but can be purchased directly from HomeRun Electronics through the Continuum Care Program.


Similarly, wireless access point locations where equipment was not purchased during your consultation are located according to your floorplan. These locations are typically in the ceiling and the terminated cable can be found behind a blank plate. If you are installing a WAP yourself, you will need to connect the opposite end of the wire (found in your structured wiring panel) to a network switch.

The features listed below may or may not apply to your home, depending on standards and options you or the builder have selected during the build process:

Surround Systems

Cable chases include a flexible plastic tube that runs from the AV equipment location to the HDTV or projector location, allowing you to “pull” cables inside the wall between the two locations. A string is present to help pull the interconnects through. It is important to NOT remove this string until you intend to use it for such purpose

Home Theater Prewire Only – includes speaker prewire only with all speaker locations covered with blank plates. At the equipment location, all speaker prewires are also marked and stored behind a blank plate (the same is true for Single Speaker Prewire Add-Ons).

Home Theater Prewire and Trim – includes wiring and speakers for all locations. At the equipment location, all speaker prewires are marked and stored behind a blank plate (the same is true for Single Speaker Prewire Add-Ons). Use the following color codes for making connections (red +, black-).

Distributed Audio

When we trim volume controls and speakers for rooms of distributed audio, we use the following color codes for wires (speaker 1: red +, black -…speaker 2: white +, green -). Please use the same coding when connecting to your source of amplification (generally for this application it doesn’t matter whether you connect speaker 1 to left or right on your amplifier). Volume controls are only provided when speakers have been installed by HomeRun Electronics. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a volume control for speakers that you provide yourself.

Security Systems

All security device prewires are in boxes covered with blank plates, except for doors and windows (3/8″ hole in jamb). If the house includes a full security system, it should be programmed and ready to operate in a “standalone” manner. A user manual should be included either with the appliance manuals in one of the kitchen drawers or by the centralized distribution panel. We strongly suggest immediately changing the user passcode from the default 1234.

Also, please remember that we offer 24/7 remote station monitoring for as little as $30/month and a suite of interactive services as well. Please contact us for more information.

Lastly, for homes without a security prewire, we offer the Clare Wireless Security System. This wireless security system is an IP controlled smart-home security system that can integrate select z-wave devices such as door locks, thermostats, lighting dimmers/ switches, electrical outlets, garage door openers, cameras, and many products in the lineup to be added in the future to expand the system capabilities. You can have a simple wireless security system or a robust smart home with automation.

Cameras (Including Doorbell Cameras)

If you opted to prewire for a camera, the wire will be stubbed out at the selected location, but the wire is not terminated. Weather can ruin the terminations for these cameras if they are attached before the camera is installed. HomeRun Electronics recommends professional installation of any camera system through our Continuum Care program.

If you selected to have cameras installed during your design consultation, note that Internet is a requirement before these can be installed. Because of this, you may need to contact us to schedule this final installation item. Contact your HomeRun Electronics designer directly to discuss this and any other needs you may have.

Central Vacuum

For complete central vacuum systems, the hose kit should be found in the front closet. If you have contracted for a complete system and the hose is not present, please contact HomeRun electronics to arrange pickup or delivery of the accessories.

Check the canister frequently, especially early on when your new carpet is still “shedding”.

If you did not elect for powered heads, the power for for your hose system may need to be installed. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

Lighting Control

If you selected a lighting control system during your design consultation meeting with HomeRun Electronics, then a basic program that is required to pass your final electrical inspection will be programmed at the time of closing. While this program is adequate for the inspection process, we know that you will want the opportunity to customize how this system works. At your orientation walk-through, your project manager will discuss some of the options for your system. Once you have lived with the system for a few weeks, you can contact us to schedule a follow-up programing session to fit the system to your needs.


Window coverings are a necessary part of any home. If you wired for motorized window treatments but have not selected them, contact us as soon as possible because the ordering lead time can be long. If you ordered shades through your builder, then we make every effort to have these installed prior to closing, but at times circumstances beyond our control can delay the final installation. Window shades can be integrated into a home automation system (Crestron, Control4 or Clare), but generally require some tweaking to get the programming just right. if you have one of these systems in your home, shade control is simply from a button on your lighting keypad. For the ultimate convenience, make shades a part of your automated lighting scenes.

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