The security of your home is serious business. And HomeRun is in that business.

Security goes beyond window sensors and alarms. Your security system needs to go to your phone, your lights, your locks, and to people who can help you. ‚Äč

Intrusion Detection. Security systems aren’t for homes. They’re for people. Your people.

HomeRun can design and equip your home with a basic intrusion detection system or a extensive, web-accessible surveillance system connected to your home’s systems.

Add on smart web cameras with built-in audio, day/night capability, and pan, tilt, and zoom functionality that can be placed in key vantage points You can keep an eye on things and unwanted visitors from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or PC.

Extend your intrusion detection systems to incorporate heat and smoke detectors, water sensors, freeze sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors to give you greater peace of mind over almost every aspect of your home.

Alarm panels provide easy access to a wide array of systems and services.

Monitoring Services. HomeRun does that too. Cost-effectively and reliably.  

HomeRun offers a very competitive, flat rate, 24/7 monitoring services that are ideal for your home’s security system. 

We even support systems that we didn’t even install. Check with your HomeRun representative to find out if your home is in our coverage area.

Who better to provide your security monitoring service than the people who designed and installed it.

Access. HomeRun will get the door for you. And the lights, thermostats, locks, and more.

While your monitoring your home for intrusion detection, you might as well use that same system to control access and other key systems in your home.

HomeRun provides systems with maximum functionality. Remotely lock and unlock doors and gates. Open and close your garage door. Even, monitor and adjust your thermostat and, of course, your lights. All from your smartphone.

Create special access codes for family and friends to access your home in the event of emergency.  We can even setup your door bell to ring your phone so you can interact with visitors.

Control your locks and doors and a whole lot more from your smartphone.

Let's get started!


Now is the best time to have the home technology-enabled life of your dreams.

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