Commercial Automation

Gain control over your business. Your lights. Your temperature. Your shades. Your office.

Your business deserves powerful controls to make your office easier to use. HomeRun Electronics can help you control your lights, thermostats, door locks, shades, and presentation systems. All with a single app for your smart phone or tablet.

Lighting Control - Simplified and Sophisticated. Fewer switches. More convenience.

Lighting control systems can reduce wall clutter by replacing large bays of traditional switches with a simple, intuitive keypad.

Scenes can be programmed to complement your office’s daily cycles or support a special activity like presenting or videoconferencing – set specific lighting levels, audio levels, and motorized shade positions all with a single button press.

Keypad Switches
Eliminate traditional switches with simple, intuitive keypads.

Efficiency. Save energy. Yours and your business'.

Control systems offer cost savings as well. Preset lights to be an “on” level” of 80% instead of 100% brightness. You’ll enjoy energy savings while extending the life of the bulb.

Set timers on appliances and audio systems. Automate your thermostat to maintain the right temperature for different hours, days, or even weather conditions.

Smart thermostats provide a higher level of comfort and convenience, as well as energy savings. Take it one step higher with an automation system that integrates control of your thermostats with lights and motorized shades, providing comprehensive environmental control from a touchscreen, keypad, app or even voice commands.

Efficiency Controls
Control your lights, security, climate, and more with smart controls that bring it all together.

For New or Existing Locations. Not building a new office? Fear not. Get control over your existing businesses.

Like so many of our products and services, HomeRun Electronics can provide smart technology for existing businesses just like we do for new construction.

Your current office can have the convenience of an automated control system with products designed for retrofit installation. Wireless keypads, touchscreens, speakers, and battery-operated shades can provide an integrated smart solution without pre-existing wiring.

Replace existing dimmers and switches with sophisticated controls.

Security Systems Can Be Integrated Too.

Have you ever left your office and then realized you forgot to turn off the lights or the heater? Why not have a “closed” scene that arms your security system, turns out the lights, and turns the thermostat to an away setting? Never forget again. It’s automated.

Surveillance cameras can be added to the security system and viewed remotely from the same app that works with your other automation technologies. View camera images in real time or review archived video footage. You’re in control.

Surveillance camera systems add to the feeling of a secure business.

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Sheina Schaefer-Eder

Manager, Production Electrical Operations

Sheina is a Colorado native and joined HomeRun Electronics in 2017. She started ine the electrical department with invoicing and worked up to managing the Production Electrical Team. She is married with 6 children and 3 grandchildren. In her off time, she enjoys yard work, camping, and spending time with her dogs.

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Manager, Customer Care

Lela started her career in the home services/builder industry in 2013 and joined HomeRun Electronics in August of 2022. She has a wealth of knowledge within the industry and interpersonal skills. Lela’s husband is a military dog handler, they have two amazing children, and a love for animals. In her time off she can be found in her garden rocking out to Stevie Nicks.