Our Business, Your Brand — UNIFIED!

You need a partner who gets technology done right the first time – all the time.

 OneTeam is our set of standards and systems to ensure a delighted client
while honoring your hard-earned brand reputation. ​

One set of standards

OneTeam is a set of standards by which we govern ourselves, our relationship with our contractor partners, and the value we deliver together to our clients. It’s quite simple:

  • We take responsibility for getting the work done right even when a complication was not ours to fix.
  • We adjust our processes, policies documentation, and service to support and complement yours so that the client is delighted by only one brand – yours!
  • We celebrate your wins as if they were our own.

One set of documentation.

OneTeam produces the documentation you want, the way you want it. Our quotes are done to fit your form and process.

We do this through a proprietary system that allows us to tailor our processes, reporting, and systems to support your business.

One schedule.

HomeRun shares your goal for timeliness and quality.

We automatically track activities to match your schedule, so we never add even one day to your schedule.

If problems arise or documentation is missing or wrong, we resolve them first to stay on schedule and then address the cause later.

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