Gain control over your home. Your lights. Your windows. Your music. And your life.

The house of your dreams deserves powerful controls to make that dream come true. Let HomeRun help you get control over your lights, appliances, and technology. And your dreams.

Simplified and Sophisticated.  Fewer switches. More convenience.

Control systems can eliminate large bays of traditional switches and individual controls in exchange for simpler, single gang, intuitive interfaces in smart switches, touch-screen panels, hand-held systems, or even your smartphone.  

For example, buttons or apps can be programmed to active a single "load" of lighting or activate a sophisticated lighting scene.  

Scenes can be programmed to complement your lifestyle or support a special activity like entertaining guests, watching television, or just relaxing – by connecting all of your home technology systems to work in concert together. 

Eliminate traditional switches with easy-to-access smart switches. 

Efficiency. Save energy. Yours and your home's.

Control systems offer cost savings as well. Preset lights to be "on level" at 80% instead of 100% brightness. You’ll enjoy energy savings and dramatically increase the life of the bulb.

Set timers on appliances and audio systems. Automate your thermostat to maintain the right temperature for different hours, day, or even weather conditions. And when it's cold, tap the screen and turn on your fireplace!

Control your lights, security, climate, and more with smart controls that bring it all together.

For New or Existing Homes. Not building a new home? Fear not. Get control over your existing home, too.

Like so many of our home technology solutions, HomeRun can support existing homes just as well as we support new construction. 

Your existing home can have the convenience of systems controls with sophisticated, retrofit products that replace your existing dimmers and switches. 

Replace existing dimmers and switches with sophisticated controls.

Let's get started!


Now is the best time to have the technology-enabled life of your dreams.

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