Architecting the Home Technology Dream

HomeRun makes it easy to deliver the home technology your buyers dream of.

Our Home Technology Design process helps homebuilders package and
deliver the home technology that’s becoming an essential element of the homebuyers design and dream for their new home.

HomeRun enables the delivery of truly future-ready home technology systems that meet homebuyers’ expectations on the day they move-in and in the years that follow as their needs and underlying technology change.   

In five steps, the HomeRun Home Technology Design process creates home technology packages and services that help homebuilders deliver lasting delight to their homebuyers and build measurable brand value for years to come.

1. Design the Dream Experience.

We start the process by studying your homebuyers’ lifestyle, entertainment, communication, work-from-home needs, and other convenience desires. We take into consideration the realities of their lives today and for the foreseeable future because we know that not all dreams or desires come together on the first day with a homebuyer. The result is prioritized inventory of preferred and potential home technology applications, systems, products, and capabilities.

The next step looks at how these technologies connect to the outside world, to each other, and to the homeowner and family.

2. Optimize for Complete Connectivity & Control.

Each application, system, or product requires some level of connectivity. Some are ideally served by wireless or Wi-Fi networks. Others like UHD video, video conferencing, and telecom demand high-speed, high-bandwidth and/or high-security wired connections within the home and to the Internet. And all require connections to user controls of varying types ranging from smart wall switches and remote controls, to sophisticated touchscreen panels and smartphone apps, and everything in-between. We now add to our inventory of home technology applications, the required data connections and control systems for the present and the future.

The next step specifies the most efficient cable and wiring infrastructure that will connect data and electrical services to our home technology items.

3. Engineer an Efficient Structured Cabling & Electrical Service.

HomeRun configures an integrated structured cable and electrical service plan to support a home’s fundamental low voltage applications such as CATV and telecom as well as home technology upgrades and options. In many cases we can design and deliver the high voltage services as well. When HomeRun combines low voltage and high voltage, homebuilders can reduce the threat of unnecessary construction costs that can occur when high-voltage and low-voltage contractors overlap each other or leave a gap between them.

Either way — low voltage only or combined low and high voltage — HomeRun helps homebuilders deliver on the electrical requirements that simply can’t be met in the outdated world of separately designed wiring approaches thus creating real value and differentiation in the eyes of the homebuyer.

Next, the fun begins — bringing it all together into packages and options that are easy for homebuyers to select and for homebuilders to deliver.

4. Package for Easy Selection and Delivery.

Form follows function in this step. Home technology solutions can now be packaged and presented that meet the dreams and desires of homebuyers. When combined with our HomeRun Design Center experience, homebuyers are able to truly envision and understand the value of the technology they would love for their life in your home. Maybe even more importantly, together, we can deliver on that promise to the homebuyer in a highly predictable, cost-effective manner and with no surprises.

Next, we make sure we can make their dream come true over the long haul.

5. Deliver on the Dream.

The promise of our home technology is only as good as our ability to support the homeowner with the expertise and help they need. We make sure that the whole Home Technology Experience that we’ve designed together can actually be fulfilled after it’s been delivered and activated. This includes the technology that your homebuyers move in with as well as how they modify and augment their home technology in the years ahead. Homeowner’s needs change and certainly underlying technology changes. Our solution must be future-ready for little things like moving the TV to other side of the room or big things like converting a room to a home office that needs a high-speed connection.

We Take the Long View for You and Your Homebuyer

When it comes down to it, HomeRun’s Home Technology Design process is really the representation of our team’s shared attitude and desire to be held to a higher set of home technology design and delivery standards. Our belief, combined with the power and leverage of our approach, is what helps us to get home technology done right the first time — all the time.

Sheina Schaefer-Eder

Manager, Production Electrical Operations

Sheina is a Colorado native and joined HomeRun Electronics in 2017. She started ine the electrical department with invoicing and worked up to managing the Production Electrical Team. She is married with 6 children and 3 grandchildren. In her off time, she enjoys yard work, camping, and spending time with her dogs.

Lela-Rose Thom

Manager, Customer Care

Lela started her career in the home services/builder industry in 2013 and joined HomeRun Electronics in August of 2022. She has a wealth of knowledge within the industry and interpersonal skills. Lela’s husband is a military dog handler, they have two amazing children, and a love for animals. In her time off she can be found in her garden rocking out to Stevie Nicks.