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Security Systems and Their Benefits

Security systems are a vital part of the connected home. In addition to the safety of the family, they provide information about your home’s status: doors or windows left open, people or animals entering the property, and arm/disarm settings of the alarm system. It can also be expanded to include cameras, smoke detection, CO detection, excess moisture conditions, and freeze conditions. All of this important life safety information can be communicated to you with an app that allows you to remotely monitor what’s happening in and around your home, from almost anywhere.

A basic security system has a loud siren to scare away intruders. For an additional level of security, you can choose to monitor your home with an app that gives you alerts when you’re away. You can make the calls yourself to the appropriate emergency services when necessary. For added protection, you can sign up for 24/7 monitoring from a central station which will make emergency calls to the police or fire department for you. That’s protection all day, every day.

Video surveillance is an increasingly important component of security. It can alert you to potential threats before they enter the home. Your camera footage will also be stored in the cloud or locally, and can be accessed to identify perpetrators after an event. Cameras are also a powerful visual deterrent.

An integrated security/video surveillance system gives you control and viewing capability from a single app, making home security a convenient addition to your connected lifestyle. Often that app can incorporate home automation products like door locks, lighting, and thermostats into its functionality, making it even more convenient.

Security systems are more sophisticated and yet less expensive than ever before. This includes monitoring fees, which used to commonly exceed $50 per month but can now be as low as $20 per month. Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide a discount if you have a security system to protect your home, offsetting some of the cost of having a protected home. Contact us today to find out more or have monitoring activated in your home.